Sep 29, 2011


My friend's right, she deleted her blog and now i find this blog, pointless as well. I dont see why do i need to continue on writing when there's no motivation driving me to do so. I've lost the passion to write, I've lost that feeling. All i see is a blank white canvas that only gives me a writer's block. It used to be something that i love, to  put memories into words, to rant just about anything. I am the type of person who gets bored easily...i strive for having adventures in life, in order to be must do the things that makes you happy and be surrounded by people who makes you happy. Im thankful for those people, Aminnn. But i dont see the point of writing anymore, i hate restrictions, please let this spirit fly free. prolly going to try tumblr now. lol. 

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Adlyn Farouk said...

Tumblr is so...................freeing XD You can find almost anything there, say anything there, and guess what? Some people will care! It's awesome. ;)